The Most Cost Effective Way To Clean & Stay Clean

You can keep your drains clean and your business running smoothly with high-pressure line jetting. Our expert technicians carefully remove built up waste from your drains and sewer lines so that your business never experiences any costly downtime.


Line jetting, sometimes referred to as hydro jetting, is an innovative and effective way to unclog and clean your sewer or drain lines of grease, sludge and other waste. Call River Valley Septic to have our highly trained technicians keep your business running.

Line Jetting Services

If you're in the food service industry, the drain lines your business relies on are in nonstop use, slowly building up grease and other waste. If your drain lines suddenly get clogged during a rush, not only would your business be disrupted, but you would also have to make a costly emergency repair call. With line jetting, you can guarantee that your drains will be clean and that your business keeps running. Call to learn more.

In order to run a successful, competitive and profitable business, you need cost effective and smart solutions, not temporary ones. That's why River Valley Septic is proud to offer line jetting services to local businesses in the Bucks, Northampton and Hunterdon County areas. Line jetting is a quick, cost effective way to keep your drain lines, pipes and sewer lines clean and running. Call us and get a permanent solution, not a temporary one.

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