Baffle Repairs

One of the most important parts of your septic system are the baffles because it stops solids inside your septic tank from flowing into the drain field. If solids find their way into the drain field, it may cause the drain field to clog, and may cause total system failure. As part of our free 10 point inspection, our highly trained technicians inspect your inlet and outlet baffles to ensure their proper working condition. If you live in Bucks, Northampton or Hunterdon County and have a baffle that needs to be repaired or replaced, you can depend on the professionals at River Valley Septic to provide what you need.

Broken or missing baffles can cause serious problems and should be replaced immediately to ensure proper functioning of your septic system and to prevent major problems from developing in the future. River Valley Septic has been repairing baffles in Bucks, Northampton and Hunterdon County for 15 years and would be happy to provide you with professional service so that your septic system can work like it should. Call today for a quote!


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