Boost Your Tank

Septic tank treatments add good bacteria to your septic system, helping it to perform better and prevent problems.


Septic tank treatments are a simple and effective to offset the household products that can be harmful to the life of your septic system. River Valley Septic offers the best additives for your system.

Septic Tank Treatments

A good septic tank treatment supports the growth of helpful bacteria in your septic tank that will help break down sludge and other household waste. The formula used in the treatments offered by River Valley Septic are specially designed to nourish, complement, and assist the bacteria that are already present in your septic tank. River Valley Septic has been operating in the Riegelsville PA and Bucks, Northampton and Hunterdon County area for years serving hundreds of homeowners just like you. Call us today and our knowledgeable staff can assist you with septic treatments and all your septic needs. 

Your septic tank is home to many different kinds of waste. When this waste is exposed to certain household chemicals, such as laundry detergent, soap and grease, it can't decay properly. This results in a buildup of sludge, which can cause damage to your septic system if left unchecked. River Valley Septic offers septic tank treatments that will not only prevent the buildup of sludge, but also increase the life of your septic tank and drain field. Call River Valley Septic today to learn more.

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